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For two decades the main stream media has produced movies and documentaries telling the same story about my sisters murder. After twenty years I've decided to tell a different one. It's an uplifting tale of two families who were brought together by one more, bizarre and disgusting act perpetrated by Nicole's killer after his acquittal. This story was written by Jimi James, a dear friend and supporter of my family for over 17 years. From the time we met, he's donated his technical skills and musical talents, I'm excited about this story we're about to tell.

I formed ESB in order to bring awareness and provide education on issues such as domestic violence, school safety, child abuse, teen violence, elder abuse, stalking, net crimes, workplace violence, victims of crime, sexual assault, mental health & wellness, addiction and more. More recently, ESB has expanded to include motivational and leadership speakers. We also offer training and workshops .
An enthusiastic and thought provoking radio program discussing everyday situations: Lifestyle, Awareness, Substance Abuse, Motivation, Friendships, Empowerment, Domestic Violence, Creativity, Sexual Relations, Mental Health, Pet care, Parenthood, Weight Management and more…Join Hosts: DENISE BROWN ~ DANIELLE PIERRE ~ DENISE BALLESTER

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